Dry Eye Relief Video

Sufferers of dry eye should find picking up preservative-free eye drops as easy as getting a cup of coffee. This video clip shows how high street Opticians, or Optometrists, are ideally situated to offer patients a service in dry eye care.
It also features the VISMED® MULTI bottle and shows how an elderly patient finds it quite easy to use the drops by herself.



Patient Information Leaflets and Samples

You can order a free leaflet and sample pack from us to use in your practice or dry eye clinic. The pack includes a number of Patient Information Leaflets, several packs of 2 vials each of VISMED® and VISMED® GEL to give away to clients, as well as one multi-dose OSD (ophthalmic squeeze dispenser) bottle each of VISMED® MULTI and VISMED® GEL MULTI. For more information on the VISMED® Range please go to the Products Section on our website.

All 4 of these presentations of VISMED®, as shown in our brochure and the Patient Information Leaflets, are 
preservative-free and reimbursable on the NHS (FP10). 

You can order the VISMED® Range from wholesalers such as Mid-Optic, Three-Sixty, Butterflies Eyecare, or John Bannon (ROI). 

Call us now on 0845 330 7556 to order your leaflet and sample pack, or write to us on info@trbchemedica.co.uk