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Book a Virtual Consultation with a TRB Representative

If you would like to speak to one of our representatives via virtual online consultation, on Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, or other platforms, then please write to us on with the following details:

- Your name
- Professional Title or Position
- Hospital or Clinic 
- Postcode
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- Preferred Online Platform (Zoom, Skype, etc.)
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We will then set up a virtual consultation for you with a TRB Representatative in your area.



Please read on for your options on how and where to order VISMED or REMOGEN Omega.


Via Wholesalers:

To place an order please contact your usual wholesaler as most of our products will be available through them.

Order Direct:

If you wish to order direct from TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd you can set up an account with us by sending your order in writing via email to, by fax to 0845 330 7557, or by post to our address below. We will then contact you again to request both some information about you and pre-payment for your first order. For most items we will insist on a minimum order quantity.


Product Licensing, Pricing, MSDS, NHS Reimbursement:

VISMED® and Remogen® Omega Eye Drops are classed as Class III medical devices, not DRugs.

This is why MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are not required. The issues provided in a MSDS are checked within the conformity assessment procedure.

All our products are CE-marked medical devices manufactured in the EU and in Switzerland, and are licensed for sale within the EU.

Most of our products are listed in the Drug Tariff, MIMS, C&D, and the BNF.

Patient leaflets & free samples

You can order a free leaflet and VISMED® sample pack from us to use in your community pharmacy, practice or dry eye clinic. The pack includes a number of Patient Information Leaflets, several packs of 2 vials each of VISMED®and VISMED® GEL to give away to clients, as well as one multi-dose OSD (ophthalmic squeeze dispenser) bottle each of VISMED® MULTI and VISMED® GEL MULTI. For more information on the VISMED® Range please go to the Products Section on our website.

All 4 of these presentations of VISMED®, as shown in our brochure and the Patient Information Leaflets, are 
preservative-free and reimbursable on the NHS (FP10).

Call us now on 0845 330 7556 to order your leaflet and sample pack, or write to us on



TRB Chemedica UK has made provisions for the possibility of a "hard" Brexit which address a number of questions our customers may have. Please click here to view our Brexit Contingency Q&A Form.


further information:

For any products not stocked by wholesalers, or for any problems or questions, please find our contact details below:

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